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anthony costanzo
anthony costanzo

Anthony Costanzo


Anthony Costanzo is a retired Law Enforcement Officer and the Founder/ CEO of SUMMIT Tactical Group, LLC.  In law enforcement he was a Detective and Tactical Operator.  He is a self-motivated, life student who is always learning and finding ways to solve any problems that may confront him.  Mr. Costanzo NRA Firearms Instructor who has 30-years of solid security and LEO experience.

Anthony is a dedicated, proactive law enforcement professional with extensive experience training and motivating teams.  He has gained a strong reputation with diverse contacts in the law enforcement teams and communities.  Being fully accountable for interrogation and crime prevention, he has specialized training in all aspects of breaking and entering, motor vehicle accidents, robbery, fraud, drug operations, and surveillance.  He possesses excellent communication, interrogation, interpersonal and presentation skills.

Some of his achievements and duties have been to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies in the development of specialized and tactical operations. He is proficient in all aspects of firearms, combat, self-defense, and also has experience with Title III wire taps.  Mr. Costanzo has many skills, training, and experience and is prepared to bring it all to the table for his clients to provide the upmost level of satisfaction in safeguarding their businesses and investments while giving them ”Peace of Mind“.

adrian smith
adrian smith

Adrian Smith


Following his senior year of high school at Chesterfield High School in 2007, Adrian Smith joined the United States Army. Adrian went to Fort Benning, Georgia to complete his 14 weeks of Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training combined.

Throughout Adrian’s career in the military, he has completed 3 combat deployments to Afghanistan and over a dozen training exercises throughout the US and European regions. He learned about… personal discipline, team work, toughness & tenacity, leadership, critical thinking and good etiquette.

Mr. Smith holds an Associate’s of Science in Management from Colorado Technical University, is currently enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Science in Management program, and will be pursuing his Master’s of Science in Management. Adrian wants to use his education in combination with his security experience to incorporate two sides of completely different worlds and to help him perform his duties at Summit Tactical Group LLC to the highest of his abilities.

allen berberick
allen berberick

Allen Berberick


Allen Berberick served 20-years active duty in the US Army. He was an Infantryman and later a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. Allen was later selected to be a Special Forces Assistant Operations & Intelligence Sergeant. His last duty position, which lasted a year, was as the ODA-Team Operations Sergeant. Allen is also a graduate of Combat Diver, Military Freefall, Sniper, Advanced Special Operations Techniques (Level 3), International Terrorist Awareness Course, and Static Line Jumpmaster, to name a few. SFC Berberick also served in Operation Desert Storm.

After retiring from active duty, Allen worked with the US Department of State in the US Embassy program where he protected the American Embassies in Kenya, Guinea, Afghanistan, and Nicaragua. His last overseas contract was protecting the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan (again) from 2010 – 2012.

Stateside, Allen worked a one-year contract for G4S Secure Solutions as a Custom Protection Officer protecting the large TRI-STATE power & generation plant in Craig, Colorado. Allen has been the Corporate Inspector & Quality Assurance Officer with Summit Tactical Group since February 2017.

will kalili
will kalili

William Kalili


William “Iako” Kalili was born and raised in Kona, Hawaii. After joining the Hawaii National Guard in 1996, Iako transferred to active duty and was assigned as an Airborne Infantryman in the prestigious 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC. Iako served as a Light Infantryman and was deployed to Iraq in 2003 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 2004, Iako was reassigned to Fort Benning, GA where he was handpicked by Matt Larsen, the Father of Modern Army Combatives, to become a Combatives Instructor for the developing Modern Army Combatives Program. Through the next 7 years, Iako became known as one of the key developers of the Army’s hand-to-hand fighting program. He assisted in writing the US Army Combatives Manual and was the first head of the Combatives Quality Assurance/Quality Control Committee.

In 2011 Iako was medically reclassified to a Motor Transport Operator and reassigned to Fort Carson, CO. Based on his merit and his unique set of skills, Iako was personally selected by the Commander of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) to be the subject matter expert in tactical fighting for the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course.

Iako was Honorably Discharged from the US Army in August of 2017 after 21 years of service. He was a Sergeant First Class, Combatives Master Trainer, and 1 of only 12 Army Combatives Black Belts.

steve nurre

Steven Nurre

RANGE TRAINING - Firearms Instructor

Steven Nurre graduated from Rogue River High School in Rogue River, Oregon in 1989.   One-month after graduation, he enlisted in the US Army.  He conducted Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, as a Crane Operator.  Steven was then assigned to the 5th Forward Support Battalion, of the 5th Infantry Division at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

In 1998 Steven reentered active duty and reclassified in to the field of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Weapons Specialist.  After training, he was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.  As a member of Company A, 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, he was the advisor to the Company Commander in dealing with chemical environments.  Specialist Nurre was also the First Sergeant’s driver.

In 2001, after 7-years of service, Specialist Nurre was medically discharged from the US Army.  In the years since, Steven has added to his skill-set by completing the Law Enforcement Academy in San Bernardino, CA. He is currently a member of the Emergency Services Bureau at the Pueblo County Sherriff’s Department.  As a certified NRA Training Counselor and Firearms Instructor, Steven has served as the Range Supervisor and Firearms Instructor with SUMMIT Tactical Group.

antonio bonner

Antonio Bonner


Antonio Bonner joined the United States Army as a sophomore in College. After he graduated high school and his 2-year architecture program, he completed Basic and Advanced Individual Training at FT Jackson, SC. During His 16 years in the Army he was a Light & Heavy Vehicle Mechanic stationed in Ft. Hood, Hawaii, and Korea and spent his last year at Fort Carson. Following his active service in the Army, Mr. Bonner joined the National Guard in 2015 and continues today, as a medic and Platoon Sergeant.

Stateside, Antonio worked a 1-year contract for G4S as a Custom Protection Officer and was a supervisor at Penrose Main and St. Francis hospital, Rampart Reservoir, and prisoner watch in Colorado. Since early December 2017 Antonio has been working with Summit Tactical Group providing armed protection for clients in Colorado Springs.

Mr. Bonner has extensive training in Leadership including Risk Management and Supervisor Development. He also has Medical Certificates covering a range of emergency situations such as Traumatic Brain Injuries, Emergency Response and Preparedness, Suicide Prevention, Blood Borne Pathogens/Hazardous Materials, and CPR. His tactical training includes Advanced Hand-to-Hand combat, which he conducts training classes for, Advanced Weapons training and Survival Training and Escape.

Officer Bonner has been with SUMMIT Tactical Group since December 2017. He was promoted quickly to Division Lead in May 2018 due to his exceptional work ethic, integrity, leadership, administrative experience and training as well as a customer focused attitude.